Increasingly stringent legislation on energy and soaring energy prices mean energy monitoring and targeting is now a critical part of every energy manager’s job role.

However, you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

We help energy management professionals to interpret the raw data collected from energy meters on gas, electricity, water, external heat and CO2 emissions.

This provides valuable management information to help determine energy strategy.

Monitoring and targeting: How does it work?

  • Real-time, raw energy data available
  • Year-on-year or cross-site comparisons
  • Easy-to-understand reports in a range of formats
  • Flexibility to enter tariffs and additional information


  • Unlock instant fuel savings
  • Highlight defective or misused equipment
  • Instantly identify areas of high energy consumption
  • Identify priority areas for upgrade
  • Use data to build the business case for equipment/plant upgrades
  • Track and monitor your company’s progress.
  • Inspire behavioral change – get staff and ‘users’ involved

Find out how we’re reducing energy with effective monitoring and targeting at Chesterfield Royal Hospital.

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