BG Energy Solutions provides a range of technologies which deliver significant energy savings and rapid paybacks.

VISTA is our very own multi-award-winning real-time energy optimisation solution. In fact, it takes carbon reduction to a new level by adding an additional layer of intelligence to your BMS.

Lighting Controls
Low-energy lighting, in combination with the latest retrofit technology, means it is possible to light your premises in a way that’s truly efficient.

Boiler Controls
Your existing boiler can be retrofitted to function more effectively. Intelligent boiler controls from BG Energy Solutions improve efficiency, without affecting the temperature of the building.

Demand Response Strategies
Demand management (also known as load shedding) enables companies to unlock savings by using less electricity during peak hours.

Voltage Optimisation
Cut energy waste by reducing incoming mains voltage without affecting the performance of your electrical equipment.

Variable Speed Drives
Retrofit device that can be fitted to AC Induction motors will reduce electricity consumption, saving up to 50% of the energy used.