Voltage Optimisation is a way of reducing incoming mains voltage without affecting the performance of your electrical equipment.

BG Energy Solutions delivers to its customers eVO+R™, a simple, retrofit device that optimises and regulates your company’s voltage supply.

The result? Your building’s equipment runs at an optimised level – and uses less electricity.

To find out more about voltage optimisation technology and to understand how it can benefit your business visit our page on Voltage Optimisation Explained.

We are a founding member of ‘VOICE’ (the Voltage Optimisation Industry Council for Excellence)






How does it work?

voUK mains voltage is, on average, 242V. But most electrical equipment is designed to operate most effectively at 220V.Voltage Optimisation cuts out this source of energy waste.Using the eVO+R™ device, the needlessly-high voltage supply is reduced to its proper level.Voltage is intelligently optimised and regulated – not just reduced by a fixed % like most other Voltage Optimisation systems available.


  • Lower electricity bills
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • No major rewiring needed
  • Rapid payback