BG Energy Solutions has a unique heritage which sets it apart from other energy management and technology businesses.

Our roots lie in the building controls sector. For our customers, this means we are able to draw on many years of controls experience to ensure that we always deliver the most energy-efficient, future-proofed and ‘intelligent’ solutions.

At BG Energy Solutions, we think it is important to be transparent about what we do, how we do it and how we operate:


What we do…

What we don’t do…

  • Offer honest, impartial guidance
  • Apply a ‘one size fits all’ solution to each project and customer
  • Provide ‘full circle’ turnkey capability
  • Ignore customers’ goals and objectives
  • Understand the CO2 challenges faced by customers
  • Specify to suit ‘trends’ and fads
  • Implement future-proofed solutions
  • Specify easily outdated technology
  • Ensure quick paybacks and ROI
  • Over-engineer, over-complicate and over-design
  • Deliver projects on time, in budget and to spec
  • Turn projects into dramas


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