When we launched BG Energy Solutions, we decided not to create a faceless empire. We wanted to create the kind of company that we ourselves would be happy to work with.  What does this mean for our staff, suppliers and customers?

Best Value

We believe in providing real returns on your investment in energy efficient technologies and services. We only ever recommend solutions which are proven to deliver rapid paybacks and maximum return on investment.


As a business, we are committed to being as up-front, honest and transparent as possible. All of our business metrics are displayed within our offices. This enables our customers, suppliers, and employees to track our progress and share in our successes.


We’re not a huge, faceless PLC with shareholders to please, and we are able to retain a high level of flexibility as a result. This ensures we are always able to be flexible in the way we work and source the best solutions for our customers.

Open Systems

We strongly support open systems which allow consultants, contractors and our customers complete freedom of choice.

Staff Development

We have a culture of continuous improvement, process, measurement and freedom. This means we are committed to the training and personal development of all our staff – no matter what their position is within the business. What’s more, our structure, definitions, goals and processes are clear to see.


We help our customers to reduce their energy consumption, via increased energy efficiency. However, we also aim to minimise our own negative environmental impact. To find out more, read our environmental statement.