BG Service

On-demand support through our in-house, state-of-the-art Energy & Controls Centre (eCC).

BG Service are experts Building Optimisation, and we have grown to become one of the leading experts in building management solutions for a low carbon and connected world.

BG Service provide on-demand support through our in-house, state-of-the-art Energy & Controls Centre (eCC) sited in Sheffield with dedicated phone, and connected alarms to protect the customers operation, environmental condition and energy consumption.

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What does this mean to you?

Customers benefit with BG On-Line, raised tickets, job costing, quotations and invoice processing will be available at the touch of a button 24/7. Our customers will not only be impressed by the quality of our work, but also the whole live experience from logging a call, through to receiving your invoice. Minimised paperwork, dramatically improved visibility and drive up productivity.

Field Engineers benefit with BG On-Line by maximising our mobile engineer productivity and connecting them via the BGES mobile app. Providing a collaboration platform for job information, customer history and compliance workflows that they need to get the job done, fast, and first time.

We manage complete projects, from design and manufacture of control panels, through to the installation, commissioning and final client demonstration.

Through BG Service we can support our clients both remotely and on site…

BG Service - 24 Hours A Day

24 Hours a day

Manned by time severed BeMS engineers and our award winning data analytics package ASSURE, the eCC provides technical support to all our customers Building Management Systems, engineering teams, contractors, suppliers and site staff.

BG Service - 7 Days A Week

7 Days a week

Through remote connectivity to the site BMS, the eCC are able to remotely diagnose the cause of the reported issue and wherever possible resolve the issue without any need for costly site engineer attendance support.

BG Service - 365 Day A Year

365 Day a year

Where the issue cannot be resolved remotely, technical diagnosis commentary will be passed to the attending engineer by the eCC support team, to assist them and the client to achieve a first-time fix on site. That makes us different! We have complete in house, end-to-end delivery.

25 Years’ Experience

With 25 Years’ Experience Working on New-Build, Retrofits, Refurbs and System Upgrades Across Multiple Industry Sectors Including:
Retail, Pharmaceutical, Telco and Data Centres, Commercial Property, Leisure, Transport, Education, Public Sector, NHS, Manufacturing, Government or Historic Sites.