BGES explains: What are the top 5 benefits of a BMS bureau service?

BGES explains: What are the top 5 benefits of a BMS bureau service?

Managing energy efficiently is becoming increasingly important for business, as firms look for ways to lower overheads and increase their competiveness.

Evidencing this, Modern Building Services has recently written about Numatic, which makes industrial, commercial and domestic cleaning equipment.

The firm is saving 21.8% on its gas consumption following the installation by BGES of a Trend building management system (BMS). Within the first year of operation, half of the initial investment had already been recouped.

Andrew Smith, Numatic’s Property and Energy Manager, said: “Staff could easily interfere with the settings or the devices could go wrong without anyone realising. We were getting complaints about poorly functioning heaters and failures.

“With this in mind, we wanted a system that would allow us to adjust temperature and times easily and send an alarm in the event of a fault so that we could attend to it quickly.

“Comparing 2016 to 2015, we have seen a 21.8% reduction in gas kWh per degree day. Considering our gas bill (ignoring VAT) in 2015 averaged around £24,000 a month, a proportion of which was used for production processes, this significant saving on the space heating element means we have already recouped half of the original costs for the BMS.”

That’s solid proof of the benefits of BMS. But at BGES, we also offer bureau support; which breathes further life into efficiency solutions.


BGES bureau support is above and beyond a simple automated solution. We monitor your sites 24 hours a day, 364 days a year to keep your plant running as planned, and as efficiently as possible.

Our skilled engineers provide proactive supervision, hotline advice and technical expertise, without the need for costly engineer callouts or onsite disruption. This eliminates unforeseen costs and ensures peace of mind.

BMS can do wonders for your business. When you add in bureau support, you have a truly holistic, dedicated efficiency solution in place.


  • 1. Safeguard the operation against plant breakdown: Issues can be rectified before the operation is affected or before part failures occur.
  • 2. Prolonged plant life: Because a bureau service allows for plant to be turned off when not required, equipment runs for less hours, increasing its life, and reducing energy costs.
  • 3. Energy savings: Optimised conditions and identification of energy wastage improves efficiency, and once optimised, can stop energy drift via historical and live data.
  • 4. Maintenance savings: 90% of issues are resolved over the telephone/internet, avoiding the need for costly and lengthy engineer callouts. Call out avoidance has saved one of our clients over £500k per year every year.
  • 5. Improved occupant comfort: conditions can be set to adjust in line with real time occupancy data, creating a more productive environment.



Other BGES clients, notably Vue Entertainment, are already using bureau support. “Because BGES take a proactive as well as reactive approach to maintenance, they fix potential issues before they become problems; most of the time we are unaware of these until they have informed us of the resolution,” said Martin Dempsey, Regional Facilities Manager at Vue Entertainment.

“Overall, it is not only BGES’ significant technical ability that sets them apart, but their regular, excellent communication, which gives us the assurance that everything is working as it should.”

To date BGES has resolved 99% of issues remotely, and as a result, Vue is saving more than £550k a year in prevented callouts. And, Vue staff can rely on a telephone and email support service that is open 364 days a year.

Call us today to see whether bureau support makes sense for your business.