BGES partners with OakTree Power to unlock demand side response opportunities for businesses

BGES partners with OakTree Power to unlock demand side response opportunities for businesses

BG Energy Solutions has formed a unique partnership with OakTree Power to deliver cost-saving demand side response (DSR) solutions to UK business. Together, the two companies offer a full service DSR solution, which includes the installation, integration and optimisation of building management systems to maximise the benefits of DSR.

The partnership makes it easier for businesses to take advantage of DSR schemes, and in doing so earn revenue, reduce energy costs and save carbon emissions.

Revenue stream

DSR is a rapidly growing market in the UK, and has become one of National Grid’s main strategies for balancing electricity supply and demand. It involves businesses temporarily adjusting their electricity use in response to a signal or request, when the grid is under stress.

OakTree Power’s DSR technology has been installed in thousands of buildings across the world, including offices, warehouses, universities, hotels and healthcare facilities. It turns down non-essential electrical plant such as pump motors, fans and air conditioning chillers for infrequent, short periods when required by the grid, without affecting building comfort or performance.

Businesses get paid for taking part in DSR events, and also benefit from energy and carbon savings as a result of reduced electricity consumption. There is no upfront investment, as the costs to fit and operate the technology are covered by OakTree Power.

Key partnership

Many sites need building management system (BMS) upgrades or installations to take advantage of DSR, and BGES’ partnership with OakTree Power creates a “full service” solution, in which a site’s BMS is fully optimised for DSR.

BGES specialist engineers ensure that the BMS works in complete harmony with DSR technology, and wider energy saving opportunities can also be realised through this intelligent approach to building management.

BGES was founded 25 years ago and has strong roots in the building controls arena. The award-winning company has helped thousands of buildings become smarter and more efficient through advanced building management technology.

Added value

In addition to the financial benefits of DSR, OakTree Power’s real-time energy control platform employs artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology to selectively adjust a buildings’ electricity demand at certain times of the day and week depending on availability. This provides additional – and substantial – energy cost savings.

Gareth Barber, Managing Director of BGES said,
“With the right infrastructure, organisations across all sectors can take advantage of DSR – and we’re excited to be working with OakTree Power to make DSR accessible for all. With a fully optimised site, businesses can reap the financial benefits of DSR, as well as enjoying the benefits of improved control and visibility of their energy use.”

Scott Petersen, CEO of OakTree Power said,
“We are delighted to be working with Gareth and his team to provide and implement DSR technology solutions in commercial properties across the UK, enabling owners to access financial and environmental benefits they’ve never been able to before.”