BMS Energy Health Check and Audit


Our BMS Energy Health Check Service ensures your BMS operates at optimum efficiency

Building Management Systems (BMS) are often the ‘technical’ aspect of estate and property management that is least understood – both by the building’s occupiers and the in-house maintenance team.

Which is why it’s important to have expert advice on hand.

At BG Energy Solutions, BMS systems have been at the heart of our business for years. Thanks to our BMS Energy Health Check service, we are able to bring our unrivalled expertise to your organisation to ensure you get the best performance from your building controls.

What’s more, we are able to identify savings of up to 24% of the HVAC running costs.

We guarantee payback on every recommendation made:

  • Identification of ‘no and low cost’ savings in excess of the cost of the Health Check
  • Detailed analysis of your controls strategy
  • Detailed reports on (HVAC) plant condition / and BMS hardware
  • Comprehensive asset list
  • Detailed report on set points and schedule settings
  • Detailed, cost recommendations (including payback calculations)

Next Steps

Contact the BG Energy Solutions team to find out how your business can make savings and improve plant and hardware performance with one of our BMS Energy Health Checks. Call us now to view an example report or to arrange a survey. Our BMS Health Check service charges start at just £895 + VAT.

Download our PDF for more on our BMS Energy Health Check Service



BG Energy Solutions is an ‘open systems house’ BMS integrator. Our highly skilled team has extensive experience with a wide range of technologies including Tridium, Delta, Honeywell, Niagara, Priva, Cylon, Distech, Panasonic and WEMS.