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Creating a good customer experience is the top priority for cinemas, and this customer experience is closely tied to the temperature and ambience of every screening room.

Ensuring customers remain comfortable – not too hot; not too cold – without wasting energy requires a precise balancing act. And constantly changing film schedules mean that this balancing act becomes even more difficult.

Yet, when the right balance is created, the benefits can be significant – not only in terms of savings on CO2, energy and maintenance, but also in terms of customer satisfaction.

Benefits of reducing energy use in the cinema sector:

  • Meet environmental legislation

Large cinema chains can reduce their financial burden under the Carbon Reduction Commitment.

  • Ease stretched budgets

Saving on energy bills and maintenance costs can free up capital for additional staffing and other expenses.

  • Improve cinema-goers’ experience

Well-controlled heating and ventilation systems can make the movie experience better and enhance the brand image of the cinema.

Simple ways to reduce energy use in the cinema sector:

Find out how Vue Cinemas has utilised our maintenance bureau services and achieved energy savings in a large-scale, multi-site project.

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Maintenance bureau services utilised at Vue Cinemas          Energy savings at Vue Cinemas  

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For more detailed information about how we help customers in the cinema sector to save money on energy and maintenance, read our dedicated brochure.