Demand Side Response

Enabling companies to unlock savings by using less electricity during peak hours through Demand Side Response Management

OakTree Power is a new, technology-driven demand side response service company which enables owners of non-domestic buildings to access financial and environmental benefits which they’ve never been able to before. And all with no up-front investment.

A new and exclusive partnership between BG Energy Solutions and OakTree Power.

A new and exclusive partnership between BG Energy Solutions and OakTree Power was formed in September 2020 with the vision to utilise an intelligent combination of proven digital technologies, designed with the highest levels of reliability and security. And all with no up-front investment.

The electricity used by various non-essential plant in your buildings can be reduced or turned off for short periods of time without altering the building’s performance. This is known as the building’s ‘Flexible Load’. And Flexible Load has a value.

The UK’s national and local electricity networks is increasingly coming under stress at certain times for a variety of reasons and the network operators use Flexible Load to get it back into balance and avoid power cuts. When they need to ‘balance the grid’, they pay for Flexible Load to be provided by requesting OakTree Power to intelligently and silently adjust the electricity consumption in customers’ buildings. In effect, they use Flexible Load as an operational tool. They call this tool ‘Demand Side Response’ or DSR. In addition, OakTree Power’s real-time energy control platform employs Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology to selectively adjust your buildings’ electricity demand at certain times of the day and week depending on availability, providing you with substantial energy cost savings.

This does not involve diesel generators. OakTree Power pays for the installation of our ‘box-on-the-wall’ in your buildings which enables remote access to the buildings’ non-essential electrical plant and OakTree takes a fee for ‘selling’ your Flexible Load into various flexibility markets. This is a proven solution which many non-domestic buildings are benefiting from such as offices, warehouses, universities, hotels and healthcare facilities.

So, with no investment required, a new, regular, passive income is generated and energy costs and CO2 emissions are reduced, helping you to achieve your net zero ambitions. All without any negative impact on your building’s performance.
In fact none of the occupants will notice any difference.
Load Adjustment Strategy

Operational Platform

Employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology, it selects and bids electrical loads from our customers’ facilities into various flexibility markets based on a range of pre-agreed rules such as those offering the greatest price, services for specific networks and load adjustment response and duration times.

OakTree’s operational team liaises with all of its customers and uses the platform to continuously scan the flexibility markets, ensuring it delivers strategies which maximise revenue generation according to each customer’s business objectives, availability and risk preferences.

You Always Remain in Control

OakTree never adjusts the electrical plant in your facility without your approval, always placing you in control.

1. You approve the Load Adjustment Strategy which our OakTree engineer designs for your facility, agreeing which electrical plant can be controlled and turned up or down.

2. Every week you are contacted by an OakTree operator from our central operations centre to ask if there are any days in the coming week when your facility is not available to participate in upcoming Demand Side Response (DSR) events, for example if an item of electrical plant will be undergoing maintenance.

3. A nominated contact or contacts in your organisation will be sent an email or message to inform you that your facility is about to participate in a DSR event, allowing you time to Opt Out if this isn’t convenient or conditions in your facility have changed.

No matter if you have a Single Building, a site with Multiple Buildings or a Series of Buildings in different locations across the country, OakTree Power has a solution to get you connected and earning revenues.


If you can answer ‘yes’ to the following questions, your facility is most likely to be eligible for Demand Side Response participation with BGES and OakTree Power.

1. Do you own or have a > 5year lease on your building/facility ?
2. Are you responsible for the procurement of you building/facilities electricity ?
3. Dose your building/facilities have a peak electrical load of > 400kw ?
4. Does your building/facilities operate at least Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm ?
5. Does the building/facilities have a Building Management System (BMS) ?
6. Does your organisation have sustainability and/or net zero targets ?
7. Would you like to reduce your electricity bill, reduce carbon emissions, improve comfort levels and generate additional income ?

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