Demand Side Response

Enabling companies to unlock savings by using less electricity during peak hours through Demand Side Response Management

Demand Side Response Management (also known as load shedding) enables companies to unlock savings by using less electricity during peak hours. It can also help businesses to avoid costly additional network charges such as DUoS or TUoS during peak times. By monitoring and plotting consumption patterns, our load-shedding strategies decide which plant components can be shut down without any negative impact on operational effectiveness.

How Does Energy Demand Side Response Management Work?

Stage 1. Using existing energy data, our team builds a profile of your building’s energy consumption patterns.
Stage 2. We develop a strategy that takes into account of a range of factors (like weather compensation; location; type of building; future weather forecasts).
Stage 3. We use this information to optimise your building management system (BMS).
Stage 4. Your business starts to benefit from instant fuel savings.
Stage 5. We continue to monitor and refine the strategy to ensure you achieve maximum savings.

The Benefits

  • Unlock instant fuel savings
  • Reduce or avoid additional network charges
  • Reduce consumption during short periods of stress for National Grid
  • No compromise to operational effectiveness
  • All aspects of the service are managed and delivered by in-house experts

Find out how our energy demand management expertise can add value to your business.
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