Energy Audits & ECM

Energy Audits & Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) building examinations and analysis to improve efficiency

Energy Audits & Energy Conservation Measures (ECM)

Energy audits are an examination of a building for energy efficiency improvement purposes. Through analysis of energy usage, building characteristics, weather data, and the typical usage of the building, our energy audits uncover energy conservation opportunities for our clients.

These measures are then assessed to identify savings and improve the quality of life within the building. See if an investment-grade audit is right for you and explore the alternatives.

There are varying levels of analysis pertaining to energy audits:

Level One

Energy benchmarking examines the historic utility data of the building and compares it against similar buildings. This uncovers inefficiencies of the building and allows for an educated decision on whether an audit is worthwhile.

Level Two

A walk-through audit is a brief assessment to identify low cost energy improvements and areas where more detailed future audits can focus. This can be done on your BMS maintenance vists.

Level Three

A general energy audit is a comprehensive evaluation of the building and potential energy conservation measures through detailed information collection, in-depth interviews with facilities or operations managers, and the analysis of energy profiles created through interval metering.

Level Four

An investment-grade audit is a comprehensive analysis of energy efficiency improvements with a distinct focus on financial concerns and return on investment.

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