There is great pressure on government departments and local authorities to lead the way when it comes to carbon reduction.

The public sector faces a huge challenge: it is subject to stretched budgets, yet it also has stringent carbon targets to meet.

However, this challenge can become an opportunity. Retrofit technologies and intelligent energy management are making it easier to drive down CO2 emissions while netting financial savings as a result.

Benefits of reducing energy use in the public sector:

  • Meet environmental targets

Reduce the financial burden of the Carbon Reduction Commitment and improve a building’s Display Energy Certificaterating.

  • Ease stretched budgets

Saving on energy bills and maintenance costs can free up capital for additional staffing and equipment.

  • Positive profile-building

Taking the lead with good environmental practices can encourage other organisations to do their part.

Simple ways to reduce energy use in the public sector:

Read our Case Study on how our Trend BMS installation improved heating control and comfort at Wakefield Town Hall.