The UK’s healthcare sector spends more than £400 million per year on energy. And the high degree of energy waste is testing healthcare’s already stretched budgets.

With round-the-clock heating and lighting demands, plus the increased use of specialist medical equipment that relies on electricity, healthcare is a significant – and growing – contributor to UK CO2 emissions.

Benefits of reducing energy use in the healthcare sector:

  • Meet environmental targets

Large hospitals can reduce their financial burden under the Carbon Reduction Commitment, and the NHS as a whole can meet its targets under the NHS Carbon Reduction Strategy.

  • Ease stretched budgets

Saving on energy bills and maintenance costs can free up capital for additional staffing and equipment.

  • Improve patient comfort and well-being

Intelligent lighting and heating schemes can remove issues of unpleasant overheating or glare from lighting.

Simple ways to reduce energy use in the healthcare sector:

Find out how we’re reducing energy with effective monitoring and targeting at Royal United Hospitals, Bath and  Chesterfield Royal Hospital

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