Without energy-intensive processes or a high visitor footfall, the UK’s office stock can be a forgotten contributor to CO2 emissions.

Yet energy waste, like inefficient lighting or overheating, can drive up bottom line costs, while also hurting employee productivity. Creating energy-efficient office space that also fulfils the needs of its occupants can deliver organisations dual benefits.

Benefits of reducing energy use in offices:

  • Improve working conditions

Working in well-lit spaces that are heated to the optimum temperature (not too hot, not too cold) can boost concentration levels.

  • Meet environmental targets

Reduce your financial burden under the Carbon Reduction Commitment, and improve Display Energy Certificate and Energy Performance Certificate ratings.

  • Ease stretched budgets

Saving on energy bills and maintenance costs can free up capital for additional staffing and equipment.

  • Positive profile-building

Showing a commitment to carbon reduction is an important part of corporate social responsibility.

Simple ways to reduce energy use in offices:

Download our case study about the installation of lighting management technology at a commercial premises.






Download our case study about the energy saving BMS at Bowcliffe Hall offices

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