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About ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme)

ESOS is new piece of EU legislation which requires member states to introduce a mandatory programme of energy audits for ‘large enterprises’.

ESOS affects UK firms with over 250 employees and turnover of more than €50m. If your firm falls under ESOS rules, you are required by law to conduct a mandatory energy audit. You must complete it by December 5, 2015.

Act on your audit to make huge savings

ESOS highlights easy, quick ways to save energy across your estate. Quick wins include retrofit LED and lighting upgrades or simple, smart building controls. All of these elements provide rapid returns on investment (ROI).

The scheme only requires businesses to identify these opportunities. But by implementing them, the cost savings that can be achieved are typically more than 13.5 times the cost of auditing itself. Therefore, a £12,000 audit can actually identify savings of £162,000. Minus the initial outlay, that’s an overall win of £150,000.

Acting on the recommendations of your ESOS Lead Assessor should be the start of a journey to wider benefits. You can start this business journey with one step; acting on your audit.

BG Energy Solutions can help you implement your ESOS recommendations

BG Energy Solutions provides a range of technologies and services which are typical of those identified in ESOS audit recommendations. These solutions deliver significant energy savings and rapid paybacks, and have helped our customers save thousands of pounds.

We can even help with a bespoke funding solution to help with implementation that is cash positive from day one.
For more information on how we can help you make the most of ESOS, call us on 01909 517 460 or email

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