MEES Compliance Services


About MEES (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards)

MEES is a new piece of legislation which means from April 1, 2018, any landlord renting out residential or commercial property without a minimum Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ‘E’ rating will be breaking the law.

Ignoring MEES law carries a maximum fine of £150,000. The rules affect everyone in the real estate market within England and Wales.

How BG Energy Solutions can help

Uniquely, BGES can provide a full circle solution to bring your property up to MEES standard:

  • We start with a detailed site audit to identify the energy profile of the site
  • We recommend the most appropriate and cost-effective energy-saving solutions, complete with projected payback periods and ROI.
  • We can help with risk-free funding solutions to avoid upfront capital expenditure.
  • We project manage the implementation and installation of selected energy saving technologies.
  • We can even monitor and report on your energy savings after we’ve brought the tech to life in your buildings.

The benefits go beyond compliance: lower energy bills, futureproofed, ‘intelligent’ buildings and improved comfort levels for tenants.

Contact BGES today for further information on our MEES compliance services.