5 great reasons to act on your ESOS audit

5 great reasons to act on your ESOS audit

Here at BG Energy Solutions, we believe ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme) audits can improve your energy efficiency. Acting on the recommendations of your ESOS Lead Assessor should be the start of a journey to wider benefits.

1. You have to comply

If your firm falls under ESOS rules, you are required by law to do the audit; you must complete it by December 5, 2015. ESOS affects firms with over 250 employees and turnover of more than €50m. This means some 14,000 UK firms must comply.

If you’re one of these companies, it will cost your business time and money to undertake the audit.

However… The cost savings made by implementing ESOS recommendations are typically more than 13.5 times the cost of auditing itself.

Therefore, a £12,000 audit can actually identify savings of £162,000. Minus the initial outlay, that’s an overall win of £150,000.

2. ESOS makes ROI easy

ESOS highlights easy, quick ways to save energy across your estate. Quick wins include retrofit LED and lighting upgrades or simple, smart building controls. All of these elements provide rapid returns on investment (ROI).

ROI is a vital metric for any energy efficiency programme. ESOS deeply interrogates your energy usage; illustrating which improvements will pay back fastest for you.

Therefore, ESOS doesn’t simply show where and how you can save. It shows how can win the best savings as fast as possible, and how to plan which steps you embed first. You can use ESOS to set out your long-term energy strategy on an estate-wide basis.

3. ESOS helps you enter a whole new world of efficiency

ESOS should be seen an opportunity rather than a penalty. It’s a jumping-off point, rather than a finish line.

The easy ROI wins offered by retrofit technologies pave the way for more advanced, integrated energy management into the future. It’s the businesses that appreciate these deeper benefits of ESOS which will gain the most from it.

You can start this business journey with one step; acting on your audit.

4. ESOS future-proofs your business

Big firms including Sky, the National Grid and construction firm Wilmott-Dixon all agree energy efficiency is now a UK infrastructure priority.

Writing to the Chancellor, a total of 55 firms argued efficiency builds economic growth. Overall, they want ambitious, long term policies making energy savings a central business goal.

Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has also recently said energy efficiency is her top aim.

Thus, the direction of future travel is clear. Tougher law, making efficiency improvements obligatory, could come from DECC soon. Even if it does not, business energy efficiency is only growing in importance.

Delivering on ESOS audits can help you pre-empt change, putting you ahead of the game. It offers reputational advantage too; you can sell your position as a leader on energy efficiency.

5. Action equals reward

The message to UK business is crystal clear; act on ESOS and take recommendations to the heart of your efficiency strategy.
It is true that ESOS costs upfront. But countered against this are myriad ways in which it embeds cohesion on energy, in addition to countless technical advantages.

At its simplest, ESOS can offer an optimised, efficient building in which to work. But businesses with the foresight to implement further will discover far deeper opportunities.

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