Acting on ESOS recommendations paves the way for wider benefits – says BG Energy Solutions

Acting on ESOS recommendations paves the way for wider benefits – says BG Energy Solutions

ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme) audits provide a significant opportunity for both operational and carbon savings, is the message from BG Energy Solutions – a leading energy services business.

With less than four months to go until the 14,000 or so companies captured under ESOS are required to file their audit with the Environment Agency, the attention is turning towards maximising ROI and opportunity from the process.

As such, Duncan Biggins, Managing Director at BG Energy Solutions believes that companies must wake up to – and act on – the recommendations made by ESOS Lead Assessors as part of the audit process. “The ESOS audit should be seen as simply the start of a journey to wider benefits,” he advises. His message to UK business is crystal clear: “Act on ESOS and take recommendations to the heart of your efficiency strategy. It is true that ESOS costs upfront. But countered against this are myriad ways in which it embeds cohesion on energy, in addition to countless technical advantages.”

Quick wins and maximum ROI

ESOS highlights easy, quick ways to save energy across an estate. Quick wins include retrofit LED and lighting upgrades or simple, smart building controls. All of these elements provide rapid returns on investment (ROI).

“The scheme only requires businesses to identify these opportunities. But by implementing them, the cost savings that can be achieved are typically more than 13.5 times the cost of auditing itself. Therefore, a £12,000 audit can actually identify savings of £162,000. Minus the initial outlay, that’s an overall win of £150,000,” concludes Mr Biggins.

Implementing Recommendations

BG Energy Solutions provides a range of technologies and services which are typical of those identified in ESOS audit recommendations. These solutions deliver significant energy savings and rapid paybacks, and have helped its customers to save thousands of pounds.

The company is even able to help with a bespoke funding solution to help with project implementation and can ensure that this is cash positive from day one.

To find out how BG Energy Solutions can help your business turn ESOS recommendations into a commercial opportunity, call us on: 01909 517 460.

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