BG Energy Solutions Launches New Cinemas Capabiltities Document

BG Energy Solutions Launches New Cinemas Capabiltities Document

BG Energy Solutions has launched a capabilities document focused on the cinema sector which demonstrates our ‘full circle’ approach to energy saving.

BG Energy Solutions offers hassle-free installations of energy-efficient equipment to fit around your schedule, allowing you to maintain customer comfort without disruption to service or showings.

Improving energy efficiency across multiple cinema sites can be difficult to manage without impairing day-to-day business. Long opening hours make it hard to organise large installation projects, and it can be tricky to balance customer comfort with the installation of energy-efficient upgrades.

Add to this the pressures of complying with environmental legislation, as well as the burden of monitoring energy across a large number of sites, and achieving true energy efficiency can begin to seem like an impossible task.

BG Energy Solutions has a wealth of experience in the leisure industry, specialising in large, multi-site projects. We’ve worked with cinema giants like Vue, Odeon and Empire. We can organise turnkey installations of energy-efficient equipment outside of normal opening hours with no disruption to day-to-day business. No customer complaints means no requests for refunds and a strong brand image maintained overall.

The technologies offered by BG Energy Solutions focus on reducing the amount of power used by heating and lighting systems without impairing function. A comfortable, temperate environment is maintained at a lower cost, with less energy used.

For more detailed information about how we help customers in the cinema sector to save money on energy and maintenance, read our dedicated brochure.

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