BG Energy Solutions launches simple, flexible energy efficiency funding scheme

BG Energy Solutions launches simple, flexible energy efficiency funding scheme

Today, 62% of UK companies cite finance issues as the biggest barrier to delivering energy saving upgrades*.

Poor energy efficiency is costing these firms economically. Simultaneously, the environment suffers and the UK’s green economy falters.

Now, energy efficiency’s star is ascending; Energy Secretary Amber Rudd calls it her ‘top priority.’ Recognising her new emphasis and moving to lessen the complexities of funding challenges, BG Energy Solutions has identified ways to make energy saving more accessible.

A new generation of flexible funding

BG’s innovative funding solutions are unique, and tailored specifically for you. We know every organisation is different. So we work with you; identifying bespoke funding solutions to fit your precise needs.

Therefore, we won’t even try and sell ‘one size fits all products.’ Until we meet and talk with you, we can’t predict what you might need. So we won’t claim otherwise.

No upfront capital cost

With BG Energy Solution’s funding schemes, repayments can be set lower than your energy savings.

This frees up working capital, to invest back wherever you choose in your business. We can offer superb ROI, ease board approval and give you predictable cost predictions too.

BG’s ‘full-circle’ approach

BG Energy Solutions can help at every step of the energy saving journey. We can assist with technology recommendations, installation and maintenance.

First, we listen to your story. Then, we recommend solutions, and give you options. Once you’re happy, we’ll help you present the winning solution to your Board. Then, you start saving money.

“Our new funding scheme helps businesses make energy saving simple,” says Duncan Biggins, Managing Director, BG Energy Solutions.

“Energy efficiency saves money, builds reputation and puts your firm at the forefront of tomorrow’s business. BG Energy Solutions thrives on adding value to our clients.

“That’s why we’ve delivered a package of funding solutions to make help companies get energy savings off the ground. We’ve no interest in selling something that doesn’t work, or is unwieldy and time consuming. Energy efficiency should be simple, smart and solutions-orientated.”

To learn more about BG Energy Solutions’ funding solutions, just use our contact form.

You can also call us on 01909 517 460, or email:

*source: Edie Annual Energy Survey 2015

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