Building controls expert advises businesses on importance of lighting controls

A report released by the Carbon Trust has revealed that UK workplaces could save up to £55m by encouraging their staff to turn off lights when not needed.

The report, entitled Low Carbon Behaviour Change: The £300 million opportunity, recommends that businesses use incentives such as positive and negative sanctions to support employees to cut energy use. The research also showed the importance of increasing understanding of the benefits of improved energy efficiency.

A leading building society is used as a case study in the report, with the firm having saved £30,000 per year due to a campaign to turn off equipment not in use. BG Energy Solutions, a lighting controls specialist that delivers energy-efficient turn-key solutions, urges businesses not to stop at behavioural change strategies.

Duncan Biggins, Managing Director of the energy monitoring and targeting firm, says: “Employee incentivisation is definitely a key component in reducing energy use. Our experience as an energy management firm, however, has shown us that these cost-saving benefits can be furthered through the installation of retrofit technologies. ”

He adds: “A workplace can only be truly efficient with intelligent building management systems in place – lighting controls, for example, ensure that lights are switched off in unoccupied spaces. People don’t always offer the same guarantee!

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