Earth Day 2016; the catalyst for sustainable business

Earth Day 2016; the catalyst for sustainable business

On April 22, 2016, known as ‘Earth Day,’ the historic Paris Climate Change agreement will be signed in New York. With the signing comes the opportunity for global businesses to contribute to keeping global temperature rise below 2°C.

But which will choose to step up?

Speaking at the Sustainable Innovation Forum, UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner said: “Private investment in clean energy and other core sectors will continue to be absolutely essential if we are to meet our 2030 ambitions.”

Steiner spelled out the need to shift from a linear economy that extracts, consumes and discards to low-carbon and resource-efficient growth; from subsidising fuels to accelerating clean renewable energy and improving efficiency.

Delivering this change is the challenge facing UK and global businesses today. Indeed it’s a challenge facing the whole planet. Fighting for carbon reduction may not be easy, but it fits perfectly with key business imperatives; profit, futurism, staff satisfaction and innovation.

Why a carbon light business is a profitable business

BG Energy Solutions has worked with many organisations including the NHS, Time Warner and EDF Energy, to reduce buildings emissions, which account for 37% of total UK greenhouse gas emissions.

Our systems tackle emissions through energy efficiency and improved controls. These can have an amazing impact. Some commentators argue the battle to mitigate carbon takes place most crucially at top level meetings, or at Governmental level, where emissions policies are made and fought over.

But it’s our belief that it’s the millions of businesses, small and large, that can make the greatest difference. Simple carbon reduction technologies, implemented at scale by all, can have astounding benefits.

By futureproofing through investment on efficiency and control, they also decrease tomorrow’s energy costs, winning back a percentage of the cash.

Action, not numbers

There are many, many metrics out there proving the financial value of building controls, renewables and energy efficiency in detail. Everyone knows green business makes sense. To recap this is not the purpose of this blog post.

Rather, at BG Energy Solutions, we want to solidly publicise our support for Earth Day. For energy efficiency, for sustainability and for low carbon.

Gareth Barber, Managing Director at BG Energy Solutions said, “We wish to call on businesses in the UK, and globally, to take up the mantle, and invest wisely in mitigating carbon so business can continue for centuries to come.”

Without this action, today’s markets, imperatives, goals and margins will become irrelevancies, tossed aside in the race to prevent floods and maintain global crops. For business to work into the future, it must fundamentally adapt. This can be done. But we can wait no longer before we begin the transition.

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