Energy efficient solutions expert comments on energy security concerns

Nearly nine in ten British businesses (88%) are worried about the security of their energy supply, according to a report released last month.

The document, co-authored by the Major Energy Users’ Council (MEUC), surveyed 129 companies. This sample included 10% of the FTSE100, with a combined annual spend of approximately £1bn. Half of these firms were found to be investing in renewables and 60% said they are planning to make substantial investments in energy efficiency.

These findings come after energy watchdog Ofgem warned that the UK could face ‘brownouts’ and ‘blackouts’ in 2015-16.BG Energy Solutions, an energy monitoring and targeting expert, is not surprised that more and more businesses are thinking about energy security and protecting their future operations.

Duncan Biggins, Managing Director of the remote energy management firm, BG Energy Solutions, says: “As over 90% of businesses rightly note, rising energy prices pose a threat to UK business competiveness. Yet energy efficient technologies and energy management have a significant role to play here – cutting costs and protecting against shortages.”

He adds: “It is fantastic to see that UK companies are taking their energy future into their own hands. We anticipate that tailored energy management measures will become standard practice over the next few years.”

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