Energy management expert welcomes mandatory carbon reporting

Due to changes to the Companies Act that came into effect this month, some businesses are now legally required to integrate reporting of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) into their financial reports.

The changes also require companies to consider environmental risks and opportunities in new Directors’ Strategic Reports to ensure that environmental issues are factored into long-term business decision-making.

A survey conducted by The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment has found approval for these changes, with 70% of companies stating that GHG reporting will deliver cost savings, and 77% saying it will lead to environmental benefits. As an energy monitoring and targeting firm, BG Energy Solutions knows the value of reporting on important environmental indicators.

Duncan Biggins, Managing Director of the remote energy management firm, BG Energy Solutions, says: “It is fantastic to see so many businesses welcome these changes. As 77% of companies rightly note, this reporting will lead to environmental benefits. But these won’t be the only paybacks. The opportunities to focus on resource efficiency and manage long-term environmental issues, like energy price rises, are also recognised.”

He adds: “Our experience with energy management has demonstrated just how invaluable environmental awareness can be to businesses’ core operations.”

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