Energy monitoring firm comments on reduction in UK greenhouse gas emissions

It has been announced that UK greenhouse gas emissions fell further than other EU nations in 2011, after the year’s mild weather.

The UK saw a drop of 7%, compared to the EU average of 3.3%, according to data released by the European Environment Agency. This decrease has mainly been attributed to lower gas use in homes, due to the mild temperatures in the winter of 2011.

An increase in hydro-electricity production and the resolution of technical issues that cut nuclear power output in 2010, however, were also cited as contributing factors. BG Energy Solutions, an expert in energy bureau services, notes that energy efficiency is a key factor in continuing to reduce UK carbon emissions.

Duncan Biggins, Managing Director of BG Energy Solutions, comments: “A shift towards renewable energy is important, but clearly cutting energy use can also have a significant impact in the meantime.”

He adds: “Retrofit technologies provide businesses with the opportunity for reduced energy costs and minimised greenhouse gas emissions. These technologies need to form an important part of the UK’s low-carbon strategy.”

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