Energy policy organisations need condensing, says report

Energy policy organisations need condensing, says report

Source: EnergyZine

More than 30 organisations are involved in the delivery of energy policies, costing the government £600m per year, according to a new report.

Released by leading think-tank Policy Exchange, the paper finds that over 30 quangos, departments funded but not run by the government, aid with the management of industry codes of practice and the operation of the energy system, whilst also stating that some of the bodies often carry out the same functions.

The National Grid receives the highest amount of money from the DECC, claiming £120m per year according to the report, with the Smart Meter Data Communications Company second highest with £103m.

The study argues that the department of Energy and Climate Change could save money and promote more competition and innovation within the energy sector by creating a single organisation for specific functions, as the current system acts as an obstacle for new energy companies looking to enter the market.

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