Energy targeting firm welcomes report on benefits of efficiency improvements

new report states that the UK manufacturing sector could increase profits by £10bn a year by improving its energy efficiency and resource recycling.

The Next Manufacturing Revolution report outlines the potential opportunities for developing non-labour resource efficiency and estimates that the sector could create 300,000 new jobs. It also details a programme for action to tackle the barriers that block the necessary changes.

In terms of energy efficiency, the report suggests improvements that could enable energy savings of £1.9bn a year and reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by 19 million tonnes (CO2 equivalent). BG Energy Solutions, an energy management consultancy, knows that with the right support any business can implement energy-saving measures.

Duncan Biggins, Managing Director of BG Energy Solutions, says: “As a specialist in energy efficient turn-key solutions, we can attest to the significant financial benefits for businesses that improve on-site energy management.”

He adds: “This report really highlights the incredible financial and environmental paybacks for increasing efficiency across the board. In the current economic climate, these suggested improvements need to be seriously considered.”

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