Lighting controls specialist welcomes call for increased energy efficiency action

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has stated that both the Government and businesses need to “step up” their actions to boost energy efficiency in the UK.

The lobbying organisation says that the Government needs to provide more support for businesses to implement energy efficiency measures, as well as clarify existing policies.

It also suggested that firms should increase their own efforts in order to access the financial benefits of energy upgrades.

CBI argues that that improving energy efficiency has been “neglected for too long” and that greater efficiency can help businesses reduce energy bills, manage risks and open up opportunities for growth. As an energy monitoting and targeting expert that delivers energy efficient turn-key solutionsBG Energy Solutions can attest to these environmental and financial benefits.
Duncan Biggins, Managing Director of the energy management consultancy, BG Energy Solutions, says: “Improved energy efficiency can be achieved very effectively through retrofit technologies, such as building controls or voltage optimisation.”

He adds: “It is vital that all sectors take responsibility for the UK’s energy efficiency. Increased Government support and business engagement will see more firms benefiting from reduced costs, lower carbon emissions and resilience against future rises in energy prices.”

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