Lighting controls specialist welcomes release of Part L documents

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has published the final approved documents for the new Part L of the building regulations.

As hoped, the Lighting Energy Numerical Indicator (LENI) has been introduced as an alternative to minimum luminaire lumens per circuit watt. LENI takes a more complete approach to calculating energy efficiency and measures actual, predicted energy use.

The revised Part L documents, due to come into effect in April 2014, will also now assume occupancy control, as well as the assumption of daylight controls. As an integrated building controls expert, BG Energy Solutions is pleased to see these changes, due to the potential for significant reduction in UK energy use.

Duncan Biggins, Managing Director of the energy efficient lighting controls firm, BG Energy Solutions, says: “It is fantastic to see that the government has listened to industry-wide support for LENI. The recognition that consumed energy – rather than installed load – needs to be taken into account is a step towards improved non-domestic energy efficiency in the UK.”

He adds: “We are also especially happy to see the use of lighting controls encouraged. Our building controls experience has demonstrated that energy-efficient lighting can only be truly effective with controls in place.”

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