NHS Sustainability Day highlights the ongoing drive for energy efficient healthcare

NHS Sustainability Day highlights the ongoing drive for energy efficient healthcare

In today’s public sector push for carbon efficiency, the NHS is a key target. Partnerships between the public sector and firms like BG Energy Solutions are bringing cutting edge technologies to the table; delivering radically greener hospitals.

Two years ago, a Guardian Sustainable Business blog touched on the difficulties of sustainable healthcare. ‘Key challenges to embedding sustainability in the health system include reducing its huge environmental impact, while remaining within increasingly tight financial limits,’ it commented.

But opportunities do exist; ‘For the health and care system, a large sweet spot exists where environmental and financial sustainability coincide,’ argued the Guardian writer.

24 months later, this sweet spot is even richer. Proof of the environmental and cash savings is visible in facilities like Royal United Hospital Bath (RUH), whose energy efficiency work is being celebrated prior to NHS Sustainability Day, which shares best practice in greener health.

RUH’s sustainable wins

BG Energy Solutions recently upgraded RUH’s building management system (BMS) by installing Panasonic PLCs (programmable logic controllers) and newly designed control panels. Since then, RUH Estates Manager Brian Gubb estimates payback will be as little as 18 months due to the impressive energy savings being delivered.

As a result, RUH plans to roll out the solution to more areas in the near future. “I selected BG because they had successfully completed a previous large project at the hospital to refurnish the whole energy centre controls in our biggest boiler houses and did an excellent job,” said Mr Gubb.

“BG is now our preferred supplier and, if required, their engineers can log in remotely to rectify any issues.”

BG Energy Solutions passionately supports sustainable healthcare

“We are 100% committed to delivering bespoke efficiency technologies to support the NHS,” said Duncan Biggins, BG Energy Solutions. “We are proud NHS Sustainability Day has chosen to feature our work with RUH on their campaign website. We will be delighted to share our expertise and talk with other Trusts nationwide.”

Right now, data to establish precise savings from the new control panels commissioned by BG Energy Solutions is being gathered. But Mr Gubb’s calculations suggest each one will save £5000 a year; on that basis, payback is anticipated within 18 months.

‘A future-focused health and care system is the most obvious representation of a collective effort for the common good,’ concluded the Guardian’s blog.

And, NHS Sustainability Day statistics reveal the NHS has reduced its carbon emissions by 11% between 2007 and 2015, exceeding the 10% target set in 2009. Energy emissions have reduced by 4%, which also saved £25m over the year.
This good work must continue into the future, as part of wider efforts to green up the UK public sector.

For more information about how we have helped healthcare organisations become more energy efficient, read our case studies.

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