Remote energy management firm welcomes move to encourage electricity demand reduction

The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has revealed it will use the proposed capacity market, detailed in the Energy Bill, to stimulate electricity demand reduction in the UK.

DECC has decided against a premium payment scheme, which would pay per kilowatt hour of electricity saved, and instead proposes rewarding businesses and organisations for reducing energy demand at peak times.

While there are concerns that this option may not deliver electricity demand reduction at all times, DECC says that a capacity market approach enables energy reduction to be delivered where the price reflects the value it provides to the system. BG Energy Solutions, an energy targeting firm that delivers energy-efficient turn-key solutions, is keen to see the government reward energy saving.

Duncan Biggins, Managing Director of BG Energy Solutions, comments: “Incentivising energy reduction is an excellent move forward and we hope to see businesses and organisations realising that implementing energy-efficient technologiesis an easy first step in reducing energy use and reaping the associated cost benefits.”

He adds: “As an energy monitoring and targeting firm, we know that, with the right support, any organisation can make significant reductions in energy use.”

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