Salford Royal Hospital

Long-term strategy for reducing maintenance and energy costs across a diverse and complex estate

Salford Royal Hospital

System Optimisation, Long Term Service Contract and System Upgrade

Salford Royal Hospital

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust
Salford Royal Hospital
System Optimisation and Upgrade

System Optimisation, Long Term Service Contract and System Upgrade

Long-term strategy for reducing maintenance and energy costs across a diverse and complex estate.

BG Energy Solutions Services (BGESS) is providing crucial weekly maintenance and monitoring of a large 50,000 data point building management system at Salford Royal Hospital in Greater Manchester, working with multiple stakeholders including the end client and management company to define expectations.

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    BGES and the client have committed to a 15-year service contract with the hospital, currently in year 5 – this long-term contract was an industry first, and provides the client with unrivalled continuity of care.

    We are improving the efficiency of existing plant, and delivering on a long term upgrade strategy. This is saving energy and maintenance costs – which frees up much-needed funds for front line services.

    BGES Group are ‘Product Neutral’. This means we are specialists across a wide range of BMS technologies, whether that be the latest generation hardware or hardware which has been in operation for the last 20 years. This is crucial for a large and diverse system like Salford Royal Hospital.

    We use our extensive product knowledge to manage a challenging network of systems, aging plant and building management system components, some dating back to the 1980s. Our experienced engineers attend the facility 2 days a week, 104 days a year, helping us to build a strong relationship with the client(s) and gain an in-depth knowledge of the facility. We offer comprehensive training to hospital facilities staff, to empower the facilities management team, creating long term savings.

    Our remote energy controls centre (eCC) is based in the Sheffield HQ and operates 7 days a week, so the hospital is connected to us any time if required.

    We provide fast, reactive and proactive maintenance: as well as monthly planned preventative maintenance (PPM) visits, our services include continuous remote monitoring of the hospital site via our eCC. All visits, maintenance and upgrade work are scheduled with the facilities management team and carried out causing no disruption to critical services, and with consideration of all stakeholders and building users.

    Our 15-year service contract was a first in the industry, providing the client with long term piece of mind and allowing for strategic planning on maintenance and efficiency upgrades. We are proactive in identifying investment opportunities that improve efficiency and reliability across the estate, to assist the hospital with optimising their building controls to improve efficiencies and carbon and energy management.

    As well as quickly resolving a number of building management system issues, we have created a 5-year plan to migrate old technology to new technology. This will future proof and protect the system, as well as improving efficiency.

    What’s Next?

    We are currently assisting the hospital with a phased upgrade across the site.

    BGES have been on the Salford Royal Hospital site for a number of years now regarding the Trust’s BMS systems and controls SLA working. BGES site engineers and management always strive to keep our systems up and running and updated, replace old components as and when required even though we are in need of system upgrade in the near future.

    They make themselves available to us 24/7 via remote connection, and over the phone if circumstances require. I would recommend BGES to any organisation requiring an SLA regarding Building Management control and services.

    Estates Manager (Mechanical),
    Salford Royal Hospital

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