BG Energy Solutions can remotely interrogate your BMS, often diagnosing faults and providing work-arounds
BG On-Line (Service Portal)

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Client benefits with BGES On-Line, raised tickets, job costing, quotations and invoice process will be available at the touch of a button 24/7. Our clients will not only be impressed by the quality of our work, but also the whole live experience from logging a call through to receiving your invoice. Minimise paperwork, dramatically improved visibility and drive up productivity.

Field Engineers benefits with BG On-Line are to maximise our mobile engineer productivity by connecting them via the BGES mobile app. Give them the job information, customer history and compliance workflows that they need to get the job done, fast, and first time.

Service Reporting

BG Energy Solutions believes in openness & transparency, which is why we will provide the following reports upon request-

  • Contract Performance KPI’s
  • Contract Management
  • Productivity
  • Finance
  • Quotes
BeMS Platform Agnostic

As BGES are one of the UK’s largest independent BeMS specialists, we are not tied into any BeMS platform or manufacturer. We can therefore offer truly open and independent advice and support and all BeMS in the market place.

Account Management

As far as possible your site will have a dedicated lead engineer for every visit with a secondary engineer involved as backup giving you consistency and superior site knowledge. You will also have the same account manager and administration team for the duration of your contract.

Digital Security

We have a wealth of experience working with corporate IT departments to create safer, more secure buildings for your colleagues and your customers. In recent years there have been several high-profile cyber attacks, the most recent being the WannaCry cyber attack that crippled the NHS.

These attacks often take advantage of old, out-dated BeMS and connected devices that are more vulnerable to attack. We can help with failover to the cloud via BG On-Line and off-site mirrored server backup.

Service - Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)
Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

When managing a single site or large estate, maintaining an optimal operational environment and managing energy savings is key.

The addition of new plant, the extension of buildings or the breakdown of equipment can all affect site operations and impact energy savings. BGES PPM as a service will ensure all HVAC plant and lighting installations is controlled directly through the BeMS.

The performance of all equipment will be checked through on-site or remote routine planned maintenance visits PPM.

Remote PPM Service - A comprehensive remote diagnostic test on remotely connected BeMS sites and associated plant to highlight operational defects prior to, or instead of a on-site PPM attendance
Remote PPM

A comprehensive remote diagnostic test on remotely connected BeMS sites and associated plant to highlight operational defects prior to, or instead of a on-site PPM attendance.

The benefits of this service include providing insight to clients own maintenance teams as to the current status of plant on sites within their estate as well being extremely cost effective as there is no actual on-site attendance required.

Service - BeMS PPM System Check
BeMS PPM System Check

During a PPM the BGES team will create a bespoke checklist and asset register for the customer, which the BGES engineers will follow at the annual planned maintenance visit.

We will also record the temperatures or lighting controls at each site to ensure that the environment is within the agreed environmental policy. Any non-compliance will be recorded and discussed with the site.

BGES use SFG20 guidelines as our PPM benchmark

Does your BeMS company adhere to these high standards?

A BMS breakdown should be more than man days on site

BGES can remotely interrogate your BMS, often diagnosing faults remotely and providing work-arounds. By leverage the latest technologies to provide remote maintenance, we improve your first-time fix rate, get your operational environment back in control, and we therefore dramatically reduce the need for a costly ‘man-in-van’. Using our nationwide network of service engineers, we can provide complete peace of mind, reach and a reassurance that we can deal with your problems or BMS/BeMS install no matter where you are in the UK, or even Europe.