Performing ad-hoc maintenance can lead to unexpected costs, while poorly-functioning equipment can drive up energy bills and CO2 emissions.

However, putting in place an expertly-managed maintenance programme eliminates unforeseen costs and ensures peace of mind. BG Energy Solutions provides service contracts and remote bureau subscriptions that are tailored to your needs. As standard, we ensure:

  • Service 364 days a year
  • 99% of issues resolved over the telephone/internet
  • Wide range of BMS front ends supported, including Trend, Delta, TAC, Andover, York and Siemens

An energy bureau service contract overwhelmingly pays for itself: we remedy problems swiftly and identify issues before they become failures. In fact, our level of customer satisfaction speaks for itself: over 90% of our service customers renew year on year.

Energy bureau services: plans include:

  • Prompt call-outs from experienced engineers, plus telephone/IP support
  • Pre-planned maintenance dates, with early diagnosis of potential points of failure
  • Preferential hourly rates and discounted spare parts
  • Proactive visits to identify potential for energy savings and advantageous upgrades
  • Comprehensive Engineer’s Reports
  • Finance initiatives for maintenance and retrofit projects

Find out how our energy bureau services lifted the BMS maintenance burden at Adams Foods Ltd.

Download our case study about how our comprehensive maintenance bureau services is being utilised by Vue Cinemas.