Through our in-house, state-of-the-art Energy & Controls Centre (eCC) sited in Sheffield, BG Energy Solutions can support our clients...

24 7, 365 Remote Technical Support Triage Helpdesk


Hours a day

Manned by time severed Building Management System / Building Energy Management System (BeMS) engineers, the eCC triage service provides technical support to all BeMS manufacturers, engineering teams, contractors, suppliers and site staff within a client site/estate where a BeMS is installed.


Days a week

Through remote connectivity to the site BeMS, the eCC are able to remotely diagnose the cause of the reported issue and in some cases resolve the issue without the need for costly site engineer attendance support.


Days a year

Where the issue cannot be resolved remotely, technical diagnosis commentary will be passed to the attending engineer by the eCC support team, to assist them and the client to achieve a first-time fix on site.

Remote eCC service for reactive operational issues

BG Energy Solutions support will provide on-demand support through the eCC with dedicated phone, and connected alarms to protect the customers operation, environmental condition and energy consumption.

BEMS alarms monitoring

The BeMS System will maintain the customers operating environments within previously agreed parameters. Using in-house software solutions, BG Energy Solutions will track, monitor and report alarms at an agreed set of environmental parameters and policies, keeping you fully compliant at all times.

Operational issues

BG Energy Solutions will remotely diagnose operational and environmental issues affecting the site which are under the demise of the BeMS and resolve remotely where possible. If this is not possible, BG Energy Solutions will mobilise an in-house or 3rd party field engineer to attend site.


BGES fix over 91% of the operational and environment issues remotely. That’s 9 out of 10 calls that don’t need a site attendance

Set-Point and Time Changes

BGES will process site BeMS changes on the customers behalf. An example would include adjusting heating and lighting to reflect extended opening hours over peak retail periods. Set point changes would only be made if compliant with Customer environmental conditions policy.

Occupancy Profiling

We’ll make sure your time schedules automatically adapt to accommodate patterns of building usage and operational requirements.

Remote Connectivity Tests

The eCC will test remote connectivity to each site within a client estate and provide a report detailing the status of the remote connection back to the client. The client can use this information to build a historical trend of which sites suffer connection failures more frequently and take action to resolve these issues.

System Override Management – Operational

Where direct remote connectivity is achieved via IP (ADSL or VPN) to site BMS/BeMS controllers and head-ends, the eCC will configure override alarms within those controllers to send back to the eCC servers for data reporting and analysis purposes. Where sites are found to frequently abuse the override features of the BeMS, reports are produced and issued back to the client for review and further action.

This data is also used to identify where systems have underlying maintenance faults, hence the reason why override was used in first place, or where bad housekeeping practices are in effect by some site personnel.

BEMS System Software Management

The eCC will hold all HVAC/Lighting systems back-up software within our remote servers for correct process, version control and safekeeping. The software from all other systems houses working on a site is to be issued to BGES on completion of any project or new site opening within a client portfolio. This service ensures that any new features recently implemented through software strategy changes are not inadvertently overwritten by a supplier who doesn’t hold the correct latest version of the strategy. It also ensures traceability of last known updates made to site software and by which contractor/engineer.