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Low-energy lighting, in combination with the latest retrofit technology, means it is possible to light your premises in a way that’s truly efficient.

The BG lighting management solution, which uses industry-leading controls technology, provides exactly the right amount of light when and where required.

The result? Comfortably-lit premises with no energy waste from lighting and perfectly balanced quality lighting conditions.

How do lighting controls work?

The software-based, fully-integrated BG lighting system dynamically responds to the changing characteristics of your building.

It makes use of smart sensors for daylight harvesting and occupancy detection, and sophisticated controls that allow for precise fine-tuning of the lighting.

The monitoring and targeting capabilities of the BG system mean that inefficiencies can be easily identified, for instant savings – right down to each individual light fitting.

As an open systems company, BG’s lighting controls system is non-proprietary, easily-scalable and wholly future-proof. The system can be retrofit-installed, making it suitable for both new and refurbishment projects of premises 15,000 sq ft or larger.

With access to high-quality lamps and luminaires from the world’s leading manufacturers, we can also supply low-energy fluorescent and LED lighting, achieving good light quality at the lowest energy consumption – and genuine long-life guarantees.

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Benefits of lighting control systems:

  • Cut lighting electricity bills by up to 75%
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Retrofit option, with 2-5 year payback
  • Future-proof, ‘open’ system
  • Comfortable light quality for