VISTA offers new ways of seeing for energy professionals

VISTA is our very own multi-award-winning real-time energy optimisation solution. In fact, it takes energy saving and carbon reduction to a new level by adding an additional layer of intelligence to your BMS.

Conceived our world-leading team of carbon reduction specialists, VISTA is much more than a ‘box with a BMS’ or a data analytics tool.

Our technology is available in two versions – VISTA Lite for small buildings and VISTA Pro for larger buildings.

VISTA Pro uses the power of world-renowned EcoPilot® technology to deliver a complete picture of your energy use. Together, VISTA and EcoPilot® deliver impressive savings of 12% of the whole building’s total electricity consumption – and not just the controllable load.

Our VISTA solution integrates seamlessly into your existing BMS, HVAC plant, lighting control and other smart interfaces, in order to save energy by operating both intelligently and efficiently. It does this by taking on-board live weather forecasts, energy tariff data and building operation trends.

The result is a step-change improvement in energy visibility, optimised building control, improved comfort levels in the building – and guaranteed energy savings.

Find out more about VISTA in our e-book