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ASSURE products optimise building performance,
reducing carbon, energy and maintenance costs
whilst improving wellbeing

We research the market, carry out competitive and comparative analysis on the best technologies available in our industry, so you don’t have to. With this open and honest approach to smart building technologies, we bring clarity and an assurance so you can make informed decisions on future investments on your building estate. We call this ASSURE


Award-winning products


Automatically analyses data from the BMS and identifies issues, faults and anomalies. The result? Improved performance, reduced downtime and greater operational savings.
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By using artificial intelligence and digital twin, we create an on-going comfortable indoor climate while guaranteeing a reduction in energy use, with no up front project costs.
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CEM has a proven track record for real time energy management on a major UK cinema chain, and has saved an incredible 61% of the controllable load throughout the cinema estate, which equates to 13% of the total energy bill!
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Optergy is an Open Source EMS metering software that allows users to monitor and control building equipment, energy and tenant utilities usage within a building
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The IAQ ONE Air Quality Monitor is the most powerful, free standing and BMS integrable multi-sensing indoor air quality sensor on the market
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