Cinema Energy Management

CEM is an energy and carbon management service designed specifically for cinemas.

Seamless integration solution between the cinema ticket booking management software and the site BMS and HVAC plant that has been designed and developed by BGES Group, specifically for the cinema industry, with focus on screen occupancy levels, projector run times, energy management of HVAC and lighting and improved customer comfort levels.

The Benefits of CEM

CEM has a proven track record for real time energy management on a major UK cinema chain, and has saved an incredible 61% of the controllable load throughout the cinema estate, which equates to 13% of the total energy bill!

CEM Features
CEM as a Service cloud software is hosted as a service ‘SaaS’ on a dedicated secure server, which is available 24/7 via a secure point to point encrypted VPN tunnel. Both CEMaaS or CEM as a Managed Service provide your customers with the same optimised comfort levels, when seamlessly merging the ICT Link, an Integration Device and CEM Software as a Service (CEMaaS) elements.


The CEM works by understanding and managing various parameters with in the cinema complex such as, Control set points & algorithms between the cinemas ticket booking system, the Building Management System (BMS), the Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, each screen start and finish times and your Customers comfort policy

…effectivity and seamlessly maintaining your highly important occupancy comfort levels.

Award Winning, proven technology that can be trusted
< 12 months return on investment
Scalable realtime and future proof open technology
Rapid deployment
5 year warranty available
Fully intergratable and future proof open technology
Bespoke reporting and cloud based headend
Integrates to FM / CAFM work packages
Remote Connection as standard

Service Levels: SAAS or Managed Service


As a standard, our CEM Software as a Service, known as (CEMaaS) is a per screen subscription services, offering you full flexibility and control.

A further bolt on to a fully Managed Service is available, providing you with a live connected, proactive and reactive technical bureau that help manage all site issues from remote interventions and call outs to a simple ‘too hot / too cold’, 7 days a week.


We can also offer full BMS PPM and service on any manufacture.

A unique opportunity to embrace a product that understands VISTA, SaaS, BMS, HVAC and ICT, that has been demonstrated to be highly suited to operate in the complex cinema estate and is proven to be fully compatible on both new building and retrofit-outs.