Corporate & Social Value Policy


At BGES group we recognise that corporate and social value is more than providing good service and value for money, we understand that our business and activities have direct and indirect impacts on our stakeholders, the environment, and local communities, and we strive to ensure these impacts are recognised, understood by the full team and as far as reasonably practicable leave a positive lasting impression.

By promoting ethical and social value amongst our workforce and supply chain we strive to improve awareness and understanding of our personal and corporate contributions within our natural environment, our workplace and our communities.


We are committed to the practice of responsible corporate behaviour and through our business practices, we seek to protect and promote the human rights and basic freedoms of all its employees and agents.

Further, the Company is committed to protecting the rights of all of those whose work contributes to the success of the Company, including those employees and our supply chain.

We maintain clear accountability for delivering this policy and continuously improving our standards efficiency and effectiveness.

This corporate & social value policy is non-exhaustive, and all aspects of the Company’s business should be considered in the spirit of this policy. For more information or enquiries regarding our corporate & social value policy. please contact BGES Group.

Arrangements for Implementation

The Company is opposed to the use of slavery in all forms; cruel, inhuman or degrading punishments; and any attempt to control or reduce freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

The Company will ensure that all of its employees, agents and contractors are entitled to their human rights as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Human Rights Act 1998.

The Company will not enter into any business arrangement with any person, company or organisation which fails to uphold the human rights of its workers or who breach the human rights of those affected by the organisation’s activities.

The Company is committed to complying with all relevant employment legislation and regulations. The Company regards such regulations and legislation as the minimum rather than the recommended standard.

No worker should be discriminated against on the basis of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs, gender reassignment, marital status or pregnancy. All workers should be treated equally. Workers with the same experience and qualifications should receive equal pay for equal work.

No worker should be prevented from joining or forming a staff association or trade union, nor should any worker suffer any detriment as a result of joining, or failing to join, any such organisation.

Workers should be aware of the terms and conditions of their employment or engagement from the outset. In particular workers must be made aware of the wage that they receive, when and how it is to be paid, the hours that they must work and any legal limit which exists for their protection and any overtime provisions. Workers should also be allowed such annual leave, sick leave, maternity / paternity leave and such other leave as is granted by legislation as a minimum.

The Company does not accept any corporal punishment, harassment in any form, or bullying in any form. Further information can be found in our Equality and Diversity Policy.

All employees are provided with the opportunities to upskill, learn and develop within the business, this could be both role related mandatory training and personal development.

We have partnered with leading local HR and H&S Consultants who guide and support us to maintain high levels of health, safety, welfare, and wellbeing, employee engagement, equality and inclusivity. Ensuring as a company we remain compliant and continue to offer our employees a safe and healthy working environment.

We are members of the Armed Forces Covenant and actively promote it’s principles through our recruitment, onboarding, working practices and marketing. We also hold the Armed Forces Employers Recognition Bronze Award.

All employees are offered the Westfield Health healthcare plan which provides employees with cash back from a variety of medical treatments, dedicated phone line to talk to trained and experienced medical practitioners, counsellors, an other advisors. Fast access to doctors and consultants, scans, a plethora of wellbeing and health care advice, information and signposting, plus discounts on retail, leisure, catering, online shopping and gym memberships etc.

Information received by employees, contractors or agents of the Company will not be used for any personal gain, nor will it be used for any purpose beyond that for which it was given.

The Company will process any personal data collected in accordance with its Data Protection Policy.

The Company, its officers, employees and representatives are committed to ensuring that no act or omission which is within their power and which would have the effect of deliberately, negligently or recklessly misleading the shareholders, creditors or other investors in the Company occurs.

The Company expects all suppliers and partners to work towards and uphold similar ethical and moral standards.

The Company will investigate the ethical record of potential new suppliers before entering into any agreement. Further, the Company reserves the right to request information from suppliers regarding the production and sources of goods supplied.

The Company reserves the right to withdraw from any agreement or other arrangement with any supplier or partner who is found to have acted in contravention of the spirit or principles of this Policy.

We recognise and understand the significance of the local community within which we operate. We aim to enhance our contribution to the community by being sensitive to the needs of local people and groups and promoting ethical and socially responsible trading. We actively support and donate to local charities / non-profit organisations within our community, when appropriate and at the Directors discretion.

We understand the significance of providing learning and working opportunities for young people in our local area, supporting Local school Students at a time when they are considering options for their future career paths to give ‘hands on’ work experience in office and workshop environment, both of a technical and practical nature.

All our staff undergo ongoing training to ensure that their skills are continually updated including the provision of ‘in house’ and other technical training to meet their individual and annual requirements for continuous learning.

We continue to work with several local colleges and JTL Training with Electrotechnical apprentice schemes to encourage young people into the industry to gain valuable experience whilst studying and gaining the relevant qualifications.

The Company is committed to keeping the environmental impact of its activities to a minimum and has established an Environmental Policy in order help achieve this aim.

As an absolute minimum, the Company will ensure that it meets all applicable environmental laws and use resources efficiently to reduce waste and maximise value.

We hold QMS ISO 9001 and 14001 standards for quality and environmental management.

The Company holds as fundamental to its success the trust and confidence of those with whom it deals, including clients, suppliers and employees. Conflicts of interest potentially undermine the relationship of the Company with its partners.

In order to help preserve and strengthen these relationships the Company has developed a Corporate Hospitality and Gifts Policy, which provide rules and guidelines concerning the conduct of its officers and employees aimed at minimising the possibility of conflicts of interest and avoiding risks associated with bribery and corruption.

All officers, employees and representatives of the Company are expected to act honestly and within the law.

Wherever possible we will procure ethically, sustainably and locally, investing in local suppliers of materials and local labour resources. Where local procurement or labour is not suitable then we ensure that all procurement is undertaken ethically and sustainability, making sure our materials are from reputable retailers and planning our purchases so not to over order and reduce the amount of transportation and movement of goods, reducing waste, carbon and environmental impacts.

By planning our logistics and creating a fixed team of operatives on site we can reduce our carbon footprint by implementing vehicle sharing and / or using public transport when suitable. We’ll also support the local hospitality companies and schedule in lodging away where this is more economical to do so and encourage our operative to support local venues.

Ensuring all our waste is disposed of responsibly, we employ Veolia waste management services who remove all our business waste and send it to Sheffield energy recovery facility where it is utilised to generate electricity for the National Grid and heat for the city’s award-winning District Energy Network.

Through our corporate and social value policy we always endeavour to be considerate to the local neighbourhood and ensure our working hours are not antisocial and that we mitigate noise and dust where relevant to our activities. We’ll communicate openly and honestly and if any of our operations are likely to have an adverse impact on the local community we shall discuss these impacts with you and with the community and provide information on how we plan to reduce these effects.

All aspects of the Company’s Management Systems are communicated, understood and implemented at all levels in the organisation. They are periodically reviewed for continued suitability and effectiveness by senior management.