Introducing the IAQ ONE Air Quality Monitor

Introducing the IAQ ONE Air Quality Monitor

The most powerful multi-sensing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensor on the market

Can you prove your work place is safe? Using IAQ ONE, air quality is monitored via an app on your staff’s own smart devices and your Building Management System.

Why do I need this?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a reluctance amid staff working from home to return to their workplaces, fearing such enclosed spaces are unsafe and unhealthy. Public awareness of this issue has been raised, creating unprecedented demand for safe and healthy working environments. For employers providing office space, and facilities managers maintaining such spaces, there has now become an urgent need not only to provide better indoor air quality for safeguarding the health and well-being of building occupants, but to be able to prove that the building is safe, too.

The IAQ ONE Indoor Air Quality Monitor does just this.

Better IAQ leads to safer, more productive and healthier working environments

Better IAQ leads to safer, more productive and healthier working environments.

IAQ ONE not only has a detection function, but it can also independently link ventilation equipment or integrate with central air conditioning. Should indoor air quality turn poor, IAQ ONE immediately alerts the BMS which introduces fresh air to replace the bad air.

WELL healthy building standards

The innovative design of IAQ ONE also earns extra points for LEED green building standards, and WELL healthy building standards.

Blue Air Swirl Divider

IAQ One Feature Screens


Accurately detects indoor air factors that are harmful to health. Comes with third-party laboratory inspection certificate, and provides annual calibration services.

Plug and play, lets you quickly browse real-time indoor environment information.

Provides historical data trend and index analysis, cloud data storage.

Smart linked HVAC/fresh air system improves air quality.

Monitor and System Operation specification for the IAQ ONE Air Quality Monitor

Temperature 0-50ºC ± 1ºC at 25ºC and 50% rH
Humidity 0-100% rH ± 5%C at 25ºC and 50% rH
CO2 350-10,000 ppm ± 30 ppm ± 3%
PM2.5 0-1000 ug/m3 0-100 ug/m³, 100-1000 ug/m³± 10%
PM10 0-1000 ug/m3 Relative accuracy
Luminance 0-10,000 lux Relative accuracy
HCHO 0-5000 ppb ±15% at 20-50ºC
CO 0-500 ppm ± 20 ppm or ± 5%
O3 0.5-10 ppm Relative accuracy
TVOC 0-60,000 ppb TVOC
Ext. temp. NTC10k Thermistor Ext. temp.
System Operation
Operation range 0ºC to 50ºC, 10-90% rH, IP20
Storage temp -20ºC to 70ºC
Power requirements Source 1: 9-24V DC±10%
Source 2: power adapter 12V/1A
Power consumption Max 500mA @ 12V DC
Digital control interface DO x 4, Modbus RTU x 2
Dimensions 14.2cm (L) x 6.8cm (W) x 4.2cm (D)
Weight 208g
Display 1.3″ OLED
Accessories Wall mount, NTC thermistor (optional)
Language English, Chinese, Japanese
Connectivity RS485, Wi-fi 2.4G 802.11b/g/n, BLE5.1
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