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SkySpark Analytics automatically analyse data from smart devices and equipment systems to identify issues, faults, deviations, and anomalies enabling improved performance, reduced downtime, and operational savings.

Collect, Organize, Analyse, Visualise, Report

SkySpark helps you find what matters in the vast amount of data produced by today’s smart systems.

Collect, Organize, Analyse, Visualise, Report with SkySpark

Collect - Get your Data

Get your Data

SkySpark works with data of all types — whether via a live link to an automation system or smart meter, connection to a SQL database, import of historical data from Excel files, or a web service feed from an utility.

Store - High Performance Database

High Performance Database

At the heart of SkySpark is the high performance Folio database – specially designed for IoT data. Folio combines the speed of an industrial historian with the modeling capabilities of document and graph databases to store and organize heterogeneous data, creating unified models of your buildings, equipment, devices and sensors.

Folio’s process historian uses advanced compression to efficiently store billions of time-series records in a fraction of the disk space compared to other technologies. Store live sensor data with microsecond access times.

SkySpark’s advanced data compression and world-class performance can drastically reduce your hardware server requirements.

Project Haystack

Give your Data Meaning

SkySpark uses the industry standard Project Haystack for semantic tagging of data. With proper tagging, analytics applications can quickly consume data from equipment systems and interpret patterns in operational data to identify faults, deviations, and trends that can be addressed to improve efficiency and ensure proper operation of equipment systems.

A Primer on Project Haystack >

Turn Data into Actionable Intelligence with SkySpark

Turn Data into Actionable Intelligence

Access to the data is just the first step. The new challenge is to effectively manage and derive value from the exploding amount of data available from smart and connected devices.

Our solution is Axon — an analytic engine that automatically processes rules and algorithms on your data to find Sparks — things that matter.

SkySpark then automatically generates visualizations, notifications, and reports that show the issue, time of occurrence, frequency, duration, and even cost.

SkySpark Analytic Function Library

Analytic Function Library

SkySpark includes over 500 built-in analytic functions to help you Find What Matters. Draw from the built-in library or create new rules that target the specific needs of your facilities, equipment, processes and project scope.

Learn more >

Visualise: Apps to help you Find What Matters

Apps to help you Find What Matters

SkySpark includes a rich set of applications to visualize your data and analytic results. All of these intuitive presentations are displayed in standard web browsers using HTML5 technology – no plug-ins required. SkySpark can also output analytic results to 3rd Party applications via our open published APIs.

While the SkySpark Axon engine continuously applies analytics to your data, the real value comes when those results are presented to you via SkySpark Apps – rich visual presentations that show how your systems are really performing.

Spark App

Show analytic results as timelines, bubbles, charts and tabular displays indicating timing, duration, frequency and cost of issues.


Automatically calculate key performance indicators and present as “Candle Charts” for easy comparison.

Energy App

A comprehensive suite for analysis of energy resources including electrical demand, consumption, cost, water and gas usage.

Historian App

Combine all types of data together along with analytic results to create views to meet specific needs.

Weather App

Read local forecasts and historical weather data and apply to rules and sparks to help evaluate equipment performance.

Rule App

Create custom rules for triggering sparks to identify issues, faults, deviations and anomolies.


Any View is a Report

Any SkySpark view can be turned into a report in a variety of formats, including PDF. Or export the view for use in your favourite desktop word processing or publishing tool in formats including SVG, PNG, Excel and more.


Export your Data

Integrate with Third Party applications using a variety of export formats directly from within Apps or programmatically. SkySpark is also a native Haystack Server and the full system can be accessed via the Project Haystack REST API.

SkySpark’s View Builder combines all the benefits of automatically generated analytics

Build your Own Views

SkySpark’s View Builder combines all the benefits of automatically generated analytics with the ability to create your own customized views quickly and easily.

View Builder provides an extensive library of display widgets and a simple point-and-click tool for creating custom views. Combine graphs, charts, tables, text, selection menus, data entry forms, and more.

A Flexible Platform for IoT Data – Proven in Thousands of Facilities across Diverse Verticals

15,000+ Buildings & 1 Billion+ Square Feet

SkySpark Intelligent Buildings

Intelligent Buildings

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SkySpark Energy


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