Who We Are

Journey & Company Growth

BGES Group finds its roots in the building controls sector going back to 1998, when BG Controls was founded. During the following years, we partnered with a series of increasingly advanced wired and wireless building and energy management technology solutions. We have grown to become one of the leading independent BMS and energy solution providers, installing and maintaining thousands of systems in the UK and throughout Europe. Meet the team

Over 25 years experience & insight in using technology to make buildings as intelligent & efficient as possible

A forward thinking approach, embracing change

As a forward thinking company we embrace change. With rapid advancements in cloud and IP based technology, and an increasing demand for innovation by clients we only use the very best, class leading and new innovative technologies for our solutions.

We enable building owners and operators to comply with their statutory needs and operational obligations robustly and sustainably. Our solutions enhance occupier comfort levels and remove unnecessary operating and energy costs, therefore improving your bottom line.


In the Building and Energy Solutions marketplace, none of our competitors can offer the unique in-house combination of national project and service, expertise and technologies that we provide.

Our passion and desire for customer success offers unparalleled levels of service.

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Our Mission

To provide exceptional service and solutions through innovation, dedication and excellence.

Our Vision

To deliver solutions that make the building environments smart, secure, comfortable, healthy and efficient and be known for our expert knowledge, innovation and our dedication and passionate employees.

BGES Group

BGES Group Values
promote passion and pride in our business

Our values are the intangible assets of our business that differentiate us from others and create a compelling attraction for our customers, colleagues and suppliers.

Customer Experience

BGES always aims to offer its customers industry leading services, and where possible exceed expectations.


We treat our customers, colleagues and suppliers, as we would expect to be treated.


Things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a group of people working as one.


We are honest, open, ethical and fair. People trust us to adhere to our word.

Empower People

So they have the confidence and belief to do something great.


BGES distinguishes itself through its capacity to create and introduce innovation.

and above all else