Utilising Technology
Perspective: Our Business Enterprise Management System

Our technology is innovative and disruptive. Our Business Enterprise Management system ‘Perspective’ provides complete business transparency, informing you what we are doing at the touch of a button. We even go a step further and integrate with your CAFM / ERP system, so we can become part of your business system.

Welcome to Perspective

Perspective is our live online platform for delivering full business management systems.

It’s our secure ‘Single Pane of Glass‘ into the business, with a ‘Single point of data input’, that will help us reach our full potential.

Flawless Integration
Flawless integration, usability and simplicity is at the centre of what we are trying to achieve.

From the very start of any business relationship to the final sales invoice. We have full visibility, and so can you.

Contact and Enquiries

  • Resource Management.
  • Finance Management.
  • Service Management.
  • Asset Management.
  • Project Management.
  • Sales, Leads and Opportunities.
  • Customer, Contact and Supplier Management.
  • R&D and Engineering.
  • Manufacturing.
  • 3rd party and CAFM integration.
  • Bespoke Custom Templates.

Perspective - Business Enterprise Management System

Everything you need in one place

Real-time instructions

You can issue real-time instruction to DMA for any reactive tasks, including emergency maintenance and to request estimates for larger tasks.

A single dashboard

Real-time access to a single performance dashboard, as well as a single repository for all your building related information, with easy update and retrieval.

Access anytime, anywhere

Access via any device you choose, anytime, anywhere. You will have complete confidence that your building is safe and properly maintained at all times.

Using data proactively

Data is collected and utilised so that we can proactively make suggestions to improve the operation of your buildings.

What Perspective means for you

With Perspective you are always in control. You can maximise efficiency with access to real-time data about anything and everything to do with your building. Make requests whenever you need to and from wherever you are – our dashboard is accessible around the clock on all devices. 24/7 access at your fingertips | Track project progress | Easy paper work | Certificates all in one place | Single source of contact | Complete transparency | Genuine real-time reporting | Historical data collection | Proactive hazard reporting | Replacement forecasting | PDA based health and safety

Single source of data

Having a single point of entry for all project and client data allows us to provide you with a client focused platform that offers access to all relevant features within software and is bespoke to your specific requirement. This platform gives you direct access to your account manager, project team and all relevant BMS and Service data.

Live Progress Tracking

Our system uses the latest technologies to enable a fast, comprehensive transfer of data between our field engineers, remote eCC support, back office administration, and project management team, allowing you to keep track of what matters to you. Perspective gives you access to bespoke reports, including up coming schedules and project progress.

24/7 Access at you finger tips

Full access is available to you and your team, when you need it the most. Perspective’s powerful platform is on hand via your smart device, laptop or computer.

Everything in one place

Within your perspective platform you can access job reports, certificates, schedules, agreements and financial data all in the one place.

Asset Management

We are able to link your BMS managed assets into our platform to provide clear visibility on their performance, completed and upcoming service and maintenance history.

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Our technology is disruptive
Breaking the mould by putting you IN CONTROL