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BG Service
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VISTA, energy optimisation solution

VISTA, energy optimisation solution

VISTA by BGES Group has been designed with end users in mind. Building and energy management professionals can take advantage of its user-friendly front end and real-time information – thereby saving your staff time, and helping identify issues quickly…

Assure Pro


ASSUREpro is an innovative, class leading remote analytical service from BGES Group. Being system agnostic, we bring the BMS, sub-metering and other 3rd party smart equipment together, allowing us to see real time data and historical trends that impact on you. The ASSUREpro analytics automatically analyses data to identify issues, faults, deviations, and anomalies enabling improved comfort and performance, whilst reducing operational costs and downtime.

With our live, customer facing web-enabled dash, both you and the BGES Group energy and control centre can see business impacting issues live, or build up useful reports on the building’s operation.

Magnatech Pro

Magnatech Pro

Designed and licenced by Magnatech Ltd, Magnatech pro is a ‘fit and forget’ technology that offers high energy and environment improvements to boiler combustion efficiency and carbon emissions. Senior management and finance officers will see significant energy-saving benefits based on a degree-day/ROI.

This increases the burner temperature, uses less natural gas, doesn’t compromise performance, reduces carbon emissions, reduces environmental impact and reduces operating costs.

Demand Side Response

Demand Side Response

OakTree Power is a new, technology-driven demand side response service company which enables owners of non-domestic buildings to access financial and environmental benefits which they’ve never been able to before. And all with no up-front investment.

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Independent Building Management Systems (BMS) and energy solutions for business

BGES Group is one of the largest, independent Building Management System (BMS) and energy solutions businesses in the UK. Our roots lie in the building controls sector, giving us unique skills, experience and insight into the way technology can be used to make buildings as efficient and intelligent as possible.

With over 25 years’ experience in BMS, controls and energy solutions, we’ve gained a client base that includes some of the world’s best-known brands. We have installed over 6,000 successful turn-key installations across the UK and Europe, whilst connecting those sites to our state-of-the-art 24/7/365 Energy & Controls Centre (eCC) for client assurance.

With our head office in Sheffield and our Southern office in Spitalfields, London, we employ over 50 direct staff, who are all time-served engineers. Our unique offer is delivered in four key areas; Projects, Service, Energy and Support.

CASE STUDIES & PROJECTS: Recently completed energy solutions projects by BGES Group

Award winning

BGES Group has scooped a coveted Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) award for a complex BMS retrofit at The Oxfordshire Golf Hotel and Spa. The project integrates the controls of three legacy heating and cooling systems and a new closed loop water source heat pump system.

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