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61% energy saving with further annual savings of £400k from avoided callouts due to our specialist remote monitoring across 80 sites

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Remote Services with VISTA at Vue Cinemas

Vue Big Screen Entertainment
Remote Services with VISTA

61% energy saving with further annual savings of £400k from avoided callouts due to our specialist remote monitoring across 80 sites

To provide a proactive energy management solution which would avoid the typical maintenance burden of costly engineer call-outs and on-site disruption, whilst carefully balancing customer comfort and energy efficiency. To upgrade poorly-functioning equipment to reduce hefty energy bills and improve CO2 emissions.

Vue Entertainment is one of the UK’s leading developers and operators of multiplex cinemas. Each features modern stadium seating, state-of-the-art projection and AV technologies to create outstanding cinematic experience for its customers. Precise heating, ventilation and air-conditioning fulfil a central role in delivering a comfortable and enjoyable environment.

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    BGES Group‘s state of the art Energy and Control Centre (ECC) enables each site to be remotely managed and maintained by experienced engineers. BGES upgrade out of hours where required and proactively manage and monitor building controls to deliver optimum comfort levels, enabling each Vue site to communicate using our VISTA integrated system which is based on the open protocol, native BACnet technology. A typical set-up sees a master controller connect each onsite system to multiple sub-controllers within the screens and public areas.

    By deploying BACnet protocols over a corporate Wide Area Network (WAN), on standard IT equipment, BGES Group can connect to and remotely monitor each Vue site from its ECC, which operates 365 days per year. This reduces engineer call out by an estimated 75%, compared with non-monitored sites.

    Vue cinemas benefit from proactive supervision and system monitoring, expert technicians and dedicated technical support. Our connectivity provides constant monitoring and modification of the system to reflect film schedules, which ensures that occupant comfort levels remain paramount while optimum energy and cost savings are achieved.

    “Each Vue cinema sends a weekly occupancy report which we automatically download into the control system at each site,” says BGES’s Marc Harrison. “This enables our technicians to program the building controls for every screen and public area within each cinema on a day by day basis. As a result, energy is conserved and only used when necessary and not wasted on unoccupied space.”

    Temperatures are monitored and controlled to a set point with tolerance. Sites are contacted automatically at least daily to check boiler and chiller performance. Additionally, the remote monitoring facility allows engineers to pinpoint problem areas and inform area managers before any disruption is caused to cinema visitors.

    BGES has helped Vue to achieve a huge 61% energy saving and an additional £400k per year saved on call out avoidance by employing the eCC services. Optimal conditions are maintained for customer wellbeing and comfort levels which also enhances the brand image for our client.

    BGES Group is supporting long term contracts with more than 80 cinemas in the Vue multiplex chain with its comprehensive maintenance an energy control services.

    We have been working with BGES Group for 26 years, and we very much value our partnership with then. The intelligent occupancy energy management software that they designed for us was a first in our sector and has greatly reduced energy use across our 84 UK&I cinemas.

    We are also benefitting from an ongoing service and maintenance contract with BGES Group. This gives us a lot of peace of mind, and in fact around 90% of issues are resolved remotely without the need for mechanical engineering intervention, which saves on call out costs.

    I would like to thank BGES Group for the excellent service they have provided over the years. Not only do they really know their stuff, but they are a pleasure to work with.

    Mike Flint, National Facilities Manager · Vue Entertainment

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