BGES welcomes apprentices on three diverse training schemes

BGES Apprentices

July marked the start of a future in smart buildings for four young apprentices at BGES Group. We spoke with Joe, Ben, Ed and Harvey to see how they’re setting their sights on a bright career path with BGES.

Joe – Digital Support Technician Apprentice

After coming across BGES during an organised school visit, Joe was drawn in by the potential for progression and to explore different career paths.  He currently supports IT troubleshooting and is looking forward to further developing his expertise in this area.

One of his biggest projects so far included working on coding, whereby he had to distil complex information into more readable data for a larger system. Jo says this was a great learning opportunity for him.

“My apprenticeship at BGES has been a great experience so far. Getting to work on projects with the team and troubleshooting on-site issues is helping me develop both my problem solving and communication skills.”

Ben – BEMS Controls Engineer Apprentice

Ben is doing his apprenticeship with training provider Group Horizon. Embracing the transition into a new skillset, Ben has been working diligently in the office, handling troubleshooting calls from engineers. Eager to gain more hands-on experience on site, he anticipates diving headfirst into the exciting world of practical application.

“I’ve enjoyed the learning curve so far during my BGES apprenticeship. Working in the office has given me the opportunity to field calls from engineers on site and troubleshoot the problems they’re facing. It’s been great to learn from the team.”

Ed – Electrical Apprentice

Ed is currently doing his apprentice with JTL. He is concentrating on crafting panels for on-site installations and collaborates with the broader team. Ed has also completed Arena Training, which emphasizes the critical aspects of health and safety on site.

“I’ve been working on a few different electrical projects like wiring doors, as well as completing my Arena Training. I love the hands-on part of the apprenticeship and think working on-site in the future will really help hone the skills I’ve learnt so far.”

Harvey – BEMS Controls Engineer Apprentice

Harvey’s journey as a BEMS Controls Engineer apprentice started when he first visited BGES on a college trip. Since the start of his apprenticeship, he’s been spending most his time in the office, where he delves into software intricacies such as proficiency in eCC learning.

Harvey has also been honing his interpersonal skills, learning to communicate effectively over the phone and mastering a troubleshooting script. Inspired by the hands-on nature of the role and influenced by a friend’s brother who worked at BGES, Harvey is looking forward to seeing what’s next.

What sets a BGES Group apprenticeship apart?

At BGES, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive, in-house approach to the entire spectrum of building management solutions. We provide apprentices with a unique opportunity to engage with various facets of the business, spanning from the initial design and manufacturing phases to installation, commissioning, and ongoing service and maintenance. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we operate across a diverse array of industry sectors and building types.

The outcome is an apprenticeship program that provides a wide breadth of experiences. As apprentices progress through their training and pinpoint their areas of interest, we actively support them in pursuing their chosen paths.

If you or someone you know might be interested embarking on an apprenticeship journey with BGES, we encourage you to register your interest on our careers page.