Vista has been designed with end users in mind, giving the bigger picture on your energy use and potential savings

The benefits of Vista

VISTA has been designed with end users in mind. Building and energy management professionals can take advantage of its user-friendly front end and real-time information – thereby saving your staff time, and helping identify issues quickly. Senior management and finance officers will quickly see the benefits of energy savings and typical ROI in less than 2 years.

Energy Savings

Total energy saving of up to 20% per year.

ROI Returns

Typical ROI in less than 2 years.


Energy savings per site, over a time period – presented in easy-to-view graphs.

Prolonged life of plant

Equipment is only turned on when needed, prolonging its life and increasing sustainability – and reducing maintenance visits.

Integration with occupancy

Ideally suited to integrate with historically stand-alone systems.

Optimum building conditions

HVAC in each zone is perfectly optimised for customer or user comfort.

User-friendly front end and real-time information

Available for use on all operating formats and on smart devices, saves staff time, and helps identify issues quickly.

Powered by ECOPILOT

VISTA is available in two versions; VISTA-Pro and VISTA Lite

Available in two versions; VISTA Pro and VISTA Lite. The Pro version uses the power of world-renowned EcoPilot® technology to deliver a complete picture of your energy use.

Together, VISTA-Pro and EcoPilot® are delivering impressive savings – wherever they are deployed. Using the thermal mass signature of your building, EcoPilot® improves a building’s comfort conditions, while automatically optimising energy usage in your HVAC systems.

What’s more, it achieves maximum estate-wide efficiency and balance by enabling various systems to work in harmony – rather than against – each other.

The result?

Significantly reduced energy bills and carbon reduction targets met.

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VISTA e-Book

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