Fully integrated ‘one stop’ room and ticket booking integration – now possible with VISTA technology

Fully integrated ‘one stop’ room and ticket booking integration – now possible with VISTA technology

Any business involved in the hospitality sector will know how important (and useful) it is to pre-condition rooms before guests take occupancy. Whether it’s a meeting venue, a hotel room or a seminar theatre – customer and user comfort is key.

Room temperatures and the internal climate must be optimal – but, as any facilities or building manager will know, this must be balanced with the need to reduce energy wastage and keep energy-using plant and equipment switch off or to ‘low’ when rooms are unoccupied.

The good news is help is at hand thanks to award-winning VISTA technology from BG Energy Solutions.

VISTA provides an essential interface between room and ticket booking systems and the leading BeMS platforms in order to optimise the environmental controls. Because VISTA provides real-time insights into energy usage, it allows users to take control of requirements (based on real needs) and thereby catalyse significant cost savings.


  • Typical savings range from 10-30% / year
  • ROI in under 2 years
  • Real-time view of savings


What’s more, VISTA integrates with multiple BeMS solutions and can actively manage large distributed locations, for example large hotel complexes or conference venues that have multiple BeMS vendors and booking systems.

End user control remains key, however. As such VISTA allow staff to override the system manually if guests require the temperature to be increased or decreased in line with specific preferences.

The result is perfectly optimised internal environments across your estate that users will feel comfortable in and happy to return to time and time again.

To find out how BG Energy Solutions has used VISTA to deliver 61% energy savings by integrating HVAC plant and ticket booking systems at 85 of Vue Entertainment’s cinemas, read our VISTA eBook.